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Kyle | SDBagel

A full-stack developer. UX comes first,
but code quality doesn’t get left behind.
Every project is a learning experience.

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Interact with some of the services and projects that I've built and published.

wisdom duck

Not just any duck, the wisest duck around. The duck dispenses wisdom. Access wisdom through an API. It's pretty epic.


Maintained provides powerful, dynamic, and manually updatable repository badges with a variety of styles and features.

Discord TeX

Convert and send your LaTeX expressions in Discord (and any other site) as images. Available on the Chrome Web Store now.

More Projects

Super cool stuff, but batteries not included.


A GUI interface for NVIDIA SPADE, a neural net that generates photorealistic images from semantic labels.


A no-special-hardware-required webapp to map surface areas with Riemann sums. Built with a team, I handled UX/UI and devops.

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