About Me

Hi! I tend to like to write a lot of ramble, but I felt like the main page of my site shouldn't have that. I want to put exciting projects and great things in front of people, not my autobiography. If you're looking for that, there's always many people on [Generic Social Media Brand], and, well, this page. If you're looking for my raw qualifications, they're listed below.

I'm a self-starter - I think I can be pretty confident in saying that now. I've always learned how to do things by myself. Almost all of my programming and graphic design skill comes from several years of self-study, research, and gradual improvement through goal setting, and I'm constantly on the lookout for ways I can improve. The great thing about the web is accessibility - anyone can take a look at how another developer has decided to tackle an issue, and learn from it, all from hitting F12.

From this, I suppose I could say I'm a highly growth-oriented person. I joke to my friends that I'll give a different answer to the same question, simply if they ask two hours apart. I'd give this mini-autobiography an expiration date of about 24 hours from when I'm writing this. George Bernard Shaw, playwright and activist, said that "A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one." Every project I create allows me to build new skills, insights, and most importantly, intuition. While I value everything I learn from my work, intuition is the most valuable to me as it allows me to see the flaws and what can be improved - from the code to the end user experience.

Where has this growth led me? When I first started programming "for-realsies" I was working with Windows Forms, a dated Microsoft technology that provided a drag-and-drop designer and event driven programming. I was convinced that my future laid with C# and majority-backend programming, but over time I realized I immensely enjoyed the frontend and UX design aspect. I started experimenting with basic web technologies - static HTML sites with way too much JS and poor CSS, into ASP.NET Core websites, and now into SPA frameworks like Blazor WASM and Angular with Electron. I'm now much more UX-focused and definitely loving it, but I'm always learning more which could sway my interests!

Just to plug a few things I'm really quite proud of - my overall design intuition and skill has improved so much since my first iteration of this website. If you're curious about how (awful) it looked, it's still buried in a past git commit somewhere. I'm not linking it; gotta preserve my integrity! My graphic design, in my opinion, has also improved significantly, almost to the point where I'd be comfortable freelancing :eyes-emoji:. Aside from that, AnimateForms, a library I created, hit over 1300 downloads which is really cool :3. My teams at a few events have also won prizes, which is super awesome and definitely something pretty noteworthy.

I do hope you learned some more about my ideals and me in general (and found it interesting). The point of this about section isn't to showcase my incredible writing (hah) or my extravagant and numerous hobbies. It's more to just share my approach at life and how I got to where I am now, as well as how I plan to proceed, so *maybe* people will stop asking me how to become a heckin' hacker, dangit!

Qualifications, as Promised

~ = Limited Proficiency

Time Measured from First Exposure