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LAHS Hack Club[1] Course

MVLA HS students are welcome at any level! However, knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is recommended. A background in a language like Java can help if you don't have experience. This is a no-commitments class, but know this is based off the recommended entry level.

Jump in any time, any topic.

Offered weekly as a 12-week course, we'll run from January to March. We'll cover three units - frontend, backend, and database technologies using industry standard tools. Code samples, excersices, and help will be provided to help you grasp important concepts.

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The full, full-stack. Really.

From frontend to backend to devops and design, this course aims to be a head-first dive into every aspect of web development letting you get started planning, building, and deploying your very own practical web apps. Gain skills useful in a production scenario.