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LAHS Hack Club[1] Course

MVLA HS students are welcome at any level! However, knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS is recommended. A background in a language like Java can help if you don't have experience. This is a no-commitments class, but know this is based off the recommended entry level.

Jump in any time, any topic.

Offered weekly as a 12-week course, we'll run from January to March. We'll cover three units - frontend, backend, and database technologies using industry standard tools. Code samples, excersices, and help will be provided to help you grasp important concepts.

Course Length




Visual Studio Code NodeJS (Any ver.)

Extra Reading

Integration Testing

The full, full-stack. Really.

From frontend to backend to devops and design, this course aims to be a head-first dive into every aspect of web development letting you get started planning, building, and deploying your very own practical web apps. Gain skills useful in a production scenario.